Sunday, September 30, 2007

Gateway Monitor Recall

If you're the owner of a Gateway HD flat-screen monitor of recent manufacture, you should expect that this monitor will go dead in 12 months and when this happen Gateway will not replace the monitor if it's "out of warranty."

The problem you should have with this is that hundreds of people have already brought this defect to the attention of Gateway without resolution.

These monitors are defective and Gateway needs to stop selling them, but won't. Also, Gateway needs to began replacing those it has already sold, but won't.

Therefore, legal remedies must be pursued.

Please tell us about the problem you've had with your Gateway monitor and leave a way of contacting you.



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Carl said...

I am a victim also. I purchased a 21" Gateway Hi Def flat screen monitor 14 months ago and it just died. Calls to Gateway have been fruitless. I knew their hardware was junk when I bought it but at Best Buy it was the most affordable wide screen monitor they had so I took a chance. Bad move, now I'm out the $550 and are stuck using my old 15" CRT. (Which happens to be 8 years old and still kicking)

Ric Ricland said...

Spread the word, Carl.

When we get 100 victims, I know a lawyer who'll represent us in a class action suit.


samc said...

I agree with consumer. I purchased a gateway monitor FPD2185W and little more than a year it stop working. I called gateway and got comments "Sorry" "Take for repair" I called many shops and all suggested it was not worth repairing. I opened the monitor myself to repair power supply (circuit board). The LCD screen is a Samsung. I found many consumers on the Internet with same issue and also with the Flat TV screen. I suggest dont buy Gateway and if so purchase extended warranty with store. I will never buy Gateway again not even in action.

Ric Ricland said...

Say, how did you open the back. I can't figure it out?


DAVE HUFF said...





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longfingaz said...
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longfingaz said...

Ok Guys, Im with ALL of you here on this. I am a sys admin and one of my users came to me with there personal FPD2185W and asked me to look at it for them. They described it would intermittently show this problem for about a month and now the screen is dead (meaning the screen doesnt come on but the power light does) He asked me to deal with the warranty on it for him since he is a rich guy who pays people to do simple things like this for him :) Anyway SIMPLE lol sure about as simple as it was for Gateway to tell me he was S.O.L. or well it was out of warranty take to a repair shop. So i decided Id look at it for him "real quick" and see if I could fix it for him. After determining that the Monitor has a faulty "inverter / power supply" I started looking on the web for replacement parts..I did not find much of anything and he is very impatient so he decided that replacing it with a USED one off of Ebay for 249 shipped was good enough as hed likely get charged that to repair it.

Still, in my mission to fix this I kept searching and found this.

This is a European site in another language. I have emailed them asking for a quote on the part. I will repost and let anyone who cares know how I made out in the repair.

If im right and this fixes it. Even with ZERO technical knowledge anyone who can turn a screwdriver can replace this part and LIKELy fix there monitor.

My exact symptoms were.

Turn on no picture.. LCD maybe comes on for a second. Worse as time goes on finally when you turn it on you get the BLUE light and it gets kinda DIM after a second of being on with nothing displaying on the LCD.

I am replacing (hoping to find) AIVP-0017 inverter / power for gateway 21" HDTV monitor from the following source

I will post my results. Hopefully successful ones.

BTW, I beleive the faulty component to be a blue capacitor near the large transformer on the lower left side. God only knows its value to find a replacement.

Derek said...

Im game for Class action Suit had 2 go dead on me 1 year one after another

1 have 2 more that are about 6 mos extended the warrent

but the loss of $1200 really peevs me

Kevin said...

I too have a dead FPD2185W. I have had it about 14 months. I started experiencing the problem where you can't turn it off soon after purchasing (probably 3 months). I would simply unplug it and plug it back in and it would work. Annoying but I could live with it. Then yesterday, out of the blue it exhibits the problem but when I unplug it and plug it back in, the problem persists. I know have a $600 piece of junk sitting on my desk. Sounds like there are many people with the same problem. Count me in for the lawsuit.

Has anyone tried replacing the defective part as described by longfingaz?

Robby said...

My brother and i both purshased 1 at the exact same time about 1 1/2 years ago.. his started having the same problem described about 2 weeks ago and now today i have the exact same problem... they need to fix this because im not rich and buying a 600 dollar monitor every 1.5 years just wont work.. hopefully you guys come up with a part to fix this

Robby said...

hey longfingaz or any others.. i took my monitor apart and found a brown spot around part P6KE10A.. removed it and it is black underneath where it was.. i looked and it is a 600 Watt Transient Voltage Suppressor.. not sure if that could be the problem but it was only visual defect i could see on the board you may want to see if yours is the same.. i was gonna order a replacement but nobody seems to have any in stock

Robby said...

So much for that since that piece was more less just for volatge spike protection i bypassed it complety and it still did not work

Dave said...

Bought a FPD1760 Flatscreen LCD on 6/2/06, died on 11/2/07. Let me know how to get in the class action lawsuit.


Dave said...

Bought a FPD1760 Flatscreen LCD on 6/2/06, died on 11/2/07. Let me know how to get in the class action lawsuit.


Daniel said...

My Gateway FPD1975W died after 13 months. Just the fade blue light come on. I call Gateway and they don't repair it, even I will pay for. I found a little shop were I got it repair for less than $100, I don't get it yet. I send my Acer Laptop twice for repair, once under warranty (hinge repair) and once I paid for repair (somebody drop water on it). Service was quick and effective. I never buy Gateway again.

Karah said...

I don't have my monitor number here but we bought 4 of the Gateway flat screen monitors about 3 years ago for the office. One of them went out about 2 years in with the problem described here, it was still under warranty and Gateway replaced it straight away. Mine and a 3rd all went out within the last month. I realize it's been 3 years but they should last longer than that.

Good thing we didn't know how to dispose of the old (15 yr) monitors because we're all back to using them, because ALL of them still work fine. They're huge, but they're fine.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone was able to repair these.


phaserone said...

Well, I SEE IM NOT THE ONLY ONE Gateway said s.o.l. my monitor died 13months after I bought it .
Paid $700. plus for it.

The problem= Black screen and blue light stays on.

Yes! I'm in for the class action
please contact me and let me know, and if I can help any further

cutter said...

Unbelievable!! My Gateway 21"
FPD2185 crashed this MORNING exhibiting the exact same behavior
described (blue light dimming, no
display, etc.) Got it in March '06
so it's less than two years old.
I did a search on Google regarding
Gateway monitors, and stumbled onto
your blog. Add me to your class
action list. I just got back from
going out and getting a new 22" WS
monitor (have to have a monitor) for $300.00, which is half what I paid for this $600.00 Gateway that
now is a really big paperweight.
Really lousy having to buy a new monitor right before Christmas....

JOHN STONE said...

My gateway FPD2185W monitor died yesterday afternoon. just a black screen with the blue glowing button but turning to the yellow sleep color right away.
Please count me in on any class action suit

KH said...

We had 19" Flat Screen model# FPD1975W die on us today and we bought it in Oct 2006. Our monitor would flicker a gray color and finally would do nothing. The power button wouldn't work, no blue, no yellow, no nothing. I'll never buy another gateway! I was on the live chat help and for 10 minutes and they told to take it to a local repair since it was out of warranty.

Jackie said...

It's Christmas Day, at 12 noon my Gateway Hi Def flat screen monitor I purchased about a year and a half ago went dead. Merry Christmas to me. Same symptoms, would have to unplug then replug it in and then it would work fine. This went on for about a month. I checked drivers, cables, you name it. No problems anywhere. I make my living using this monitor and can't afford a replacement now. So I'm back to using my old gateway ev910 for now. Count me in. My son just bought one of these in the last few months. I assume his will die too.

Steve said...

Unbelievavle! My exact SAME experience with my display but gray and the blue light! "Customer Service" is a JOKE!! They KNOW they have a serious problem, but choose rather to blow us all off...that's why there is the remedy for us called CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT! Count ME in on a class-action suit!!

Tracy said...

My FPD2185W failed on Thanksgiving Day! Owned it for about 20 months.

Today I will write my State Attorney General and reference this site.

Good luck everyone!

daviru said...

VERY INTERESTED IN CLASS ACTION SUIT. I purchased one after my aunt bought one in December 05.
I had the DIM BLUE LED/DEAD SCREEN problem after about 7 months. Gateway support was good - they told me it sounded like a power supply problem and they shipped out a new monitor. My aunt's monitor died recently - same problem - just out of warranty. Mine is now flickering and occasionally turning itself off. I am certain that it will be dead soon.

I will not just sit back and accept this.

k.corley said...

Add me to the list! Purchased the FPD2185W about a year and a half ago. Dead as described by others. Best Buy offers no help. Gateway simply says "it is out of warranty".

Crim said...

I have the FPD2185W monitor, it also went dead a little more than a year into it though..

I made a blog about the customer experience, since I had a problem I tried to get fixed while it was still in warranty.. It can be found here.

And if you use digg, go ahead and digg this up.

Michael said...

I work for a computer repair business in Grand Prairie, Tx. I just had a customer bring in one of the 21" Gateway monitors with the same problems that you all describe. Upon disassembling the monitor, I found that on the inverter board there were 4-5 bubbled up capacitors. Usually when this happens the capacitors need to be replaced. I ordered the new capacitors today ($0.85 each!) I'll replace them tomorrow and post back the results. Past experiences this works to fix this type of problem for power supplies and motherboards. Post back if your interested in having us fix your monitor too. Or go to to contact me.

daviru said...

I would be interested to know if the capacitors work. I am comfortable enough to try this on my own - what the heck the monitor is dead anyway. Please let me know if it works.

Michael said...


Replacing the capacitors on the power board does fix this problem! Gateway (really Samsung) used very cheap capacitors when building the power board. I replaced them with Xicon 470uf 25v low ESR capacitors and now it works perfectly!

As I said before I work for Hands On Computer Repair. We will repair this problem with the Gateway monitors. Post back if you are interested or visit

Clif said...

I'm also a victim of the same problem with the Gateway 21 inch FPD2185W. Mine lasted about 18 months. I got absolutely nowhere with Gateway. They couldn't even recommend a repair service. Fortunately, I found one that works on monitors - most don't. The problem was with the 8 small capacitors (Part No. 002154)costing $1.25 each. I also had to pay the 1 hour labor charge of $90.00, but I'm up and running again. If there's to be a lawsuit against Gateway, count me in.

Michael said...
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SoBo Flinks said...

Same, Gateway FPD2185W, about a year old.

Hexenhammer said...

I bought mine about 2 years and it died. Click. Nothing. So spread the word don't let people get FPD2185 monitors or if you are feeling as angry as I am tell them to avoid Gateway products. So count me in when it comes lawsuit time.

(I popped my monitor apart and looked at it. I found eight SAMXon 470uf 25v taransistors. 2 had very smooth flat tops. 6 had a slightly bubbled top. I am wondering if these are the ones I need to change and how easy it is for me to do.)

hexenhammer1 @ yahoo . com

jeff said...

I had three monitors do the exact same thing. Gateway was also completely useless. They would not even suggest a service depot that I could take them to. I openned up the unit and found the eight capacitors mentioned in the above post. I replaced them in all three monitors and they are all working like new again. Total cost, $4.90 in parts and about an hour of my time. It in not hard to do, and you do not need great soldering skills. Just take you time. I guess the only thing to learn from this is not to buy Gateway products again. As an aside, I bought a high end amplifier back in the early eighties. We had a flood here last year and it shorted out. Went to the manufacturer and he handed me all the parts I needed to fix it an NO CHARGE!! That is how you treat a customer. Thanks for letting me vent my anger at Gateway.

CWDK said...

Hi folks,

It was reassuring to see all your comments. I thought I was losing my mind. I too have the 21" Hi Def series FPD21....I tell you that I now know what Gateway means by the "Faroudja quality".

Wish there was a solution to replace the power supply.

Will never by Gateway again. Too bad Ted lost the company, because they have clearly lost their way.

cyote62 said...

I now am a victim also. My year and a half old gateway FPD2185W monitor is dead. Same problem as everyone else. Its been trying to die for months and accomplished it today. What a rip by gateway. I will get behind a class action if one is started.

disfigured said...

So my mother-in-laws computer dies and my wife suggest I borrow her LCD to see if I like it.

I'm in the market for my first LCD. It will have to be a highend one, because I'm into gaming, and my trusty 21" Sony CRT finally folded under the relentless pounding of gaming.

Great I thought, here's a chance to check out an LCD and see just how important all the numbers are (ms rates, contrast ration, etc etc). At least I'd have a starting point to make comparisons with.

Turns out her computer is not dead, and it's one of these FPD2185's. She'll be happy, but I'm frustrated . I might go for the fix and give here the CRT loaner I'm using now.

etu1972 said...

Same experience. After a few months, had to unplug the monitor for correct response, then the blue light constant and no response. Count me in on class-action.

john said...

Yeah same problem, this is garbage.

Cracker said...

I just had my second Gateway FPD2185W, 21 inch LCD monitor die in the past 18 months. Same blue light dimming with no picture and no controls. No cooperation from Gateway! I took the old one apart and replaced the eight capacitors on the power supply and it works for the first time in a year. I used 470uf35v capacitor from Radio Shack, their part number 722-1030. The voltage should not make a difference.....except probably longer life. A very easy project if you have a soldering iron and one hour to work. Other posting show the location, etc. Just make sure you replace them using the polarity positioned like the ones removed. A stripe on the Capacitor marks the polarity so you can't go wrong. Cost $1.29 each. Now I'll do the second monitor!

CWDK said...

Hey Folks,

I found a local PC repair shop in my area that fixed my FPD2185W for $150. The guys told me it had several blown capacitors. It now works great. If you're interested, the group is Odyssey Networks ((607) 756-9347), at 120 Groton Ave., Cortland, NY 13045.

Good luck.

Seth Caldwell said...

My monitor still works, but without the ability to turn off or use the menus. To turn the monitor off, I have to unplug it. I wonder if its related to the capacitor problem.
I'm afraid to try to fix it despite missing the picture in picture features (as well as being able to swap the input feed from dvi to vga).

Just adding an issue for the class action, if anyone is following up with that.

Frank Corona said...

I bought four FPD2185W's for my companies engineering department in October of 2006. As of this morning I have 2 dead ones with the power & DVI issues. I assume it's only a matter of time before these last two go. Thank god it was my bosses idea to buy these specific hunks of crap and not mine.

germel said...

My FPD2185W was purchased in May of 2006 and just broke this month, for a total life span of 21 months. This is pathetic for a $636 monitor. I had been experiencing no wake-up after hibernate, but I had assumed it was due to my new Vista system. I had to unplug it and plug it back in to get the screen to come up. One day it just wouldn't come back up at all. I noticed that the blue light fluctuated between off all the time and fluttering on and off quickly, but the screen is just black. I also noticed in the month before its death that I was unable to turn it off via the button.
Count me in for your suit. The extent of Gateway's willingness to "work with me" was a 10% discount. I told them that was nowhere near enough to get me to risk more money on one of their monitors, so I got a 22" dell for less than half what the Gateway cost.
For now, I have taken Michael's advice and ordered 8 capacitors from Mouser Electronics, part number 140-ESRL25V470-RC, as an attempt to correct the issue myself. I'm worried about accidentally soldering across the traces on the PCB, as I've never done it, but I'm hoping for the best.

Ron said...

Sign me up This thing is junk and Gateway knows it

Ron said...

Same thing Blue light unplug a dozon time to get it on Pissed off ready to start class action

germel said...

Replacing the capacitors fixed it! It has been running for about 5 days with no issues.

Michael - 100 attaboys!

Here are some pointers:
1) Replacing the capacitors for me was the simple part, even though I never soldered a circuit board before. The harder part is getting taking the monitor apart.
2) When you take the monitor case apart, don't force anything. try pushing different areas of the place where they meet with a screwdriver tip, as it seems to be held together will little flexible locking clips...and possibly a little glue?
3) If you don't know how to solder a circuit board, watch the youtube video as it was a big help to me. I followed his directions exactly.
4) The screws are all small and vary only slightly. Keep an egg carton or series of cups to put the screws in as you take the thing apart, and make notes about where they go. My monitor works, but the screws are not where they should be
5) Mouser's part number for the capacitors I used was 140-ESRL25V470-RC, which are Xicon Low ESR Radial 25V 470uF 105C. They were .58 each at a quantity of 10.
6) If you have a digital camera, take some snapshots of the way it is constructed as you disassemble. You can look at these when you reassemble if you need to.
7) Don't pull on the wires! There a numerous thin wires inside connected to multi-pin connectors. It is difficult to not put stress on these while detaching the monitor LCD from the electronics behind it.
8) The capacitors I replaced were all 8 green ones, some of which are numbered on the circuit board as C220, C216, etc.
9) Some other forums mention this problem and discuss the fix - some with diagrams. Do agoogle search for "FPD2185w capacitors" (without quotes). has some stuff.

All in I I paid about $10 for capacitors and $20 for soldering stuff at home depot - small diameter solder, iron with stand, etc.

Good luck to you all. No more Gateways for me.

Anonymous said...

Count me in!!! My flat screen monitor FPD2185W just gave out after 14 months. Black screen, blue light that won't turn off!!
$600 down the drain!!

SoBo Flinks said...

If anyone is looking to get rid of there monitor, 21"-24", I'll be willing to purchase it from you for $60 shipped to my address.
If your interested, send me an email.
I can do COD or Paypal.

GilliganW said...

count me in on that lawsuit. we also have a FPD2185W and have the same problem. ours started with hues of pink flashing on screen, really messed with the eyes. I did the GW chat, got new monitor, it did the same, chatted again, played with controls it always went back to pink hues again. then about a month ago the screen seems to not be getting a signal, I fiddled with it unplugged and replugged and it worked, the next day I had to unplug a couple times then the picture came in. We decided to not shut the computer down at night just restart it since on a restart there was no problem. Last night my cousin thought he was doing us a favor and shut it down. Now all we get is the flashing blue power button and the GateWay name and logo flashing on screen like it's laughing at me ~:( I did the GW chat but my warranty was up in Feb 08 so I'm SOL, they did quote me prices for new GW monitors. Gosh I wish 'Perry' could have heard me laugh, I did let him know that if it came to me buying another monitor it would not be from his company. So, when this lawsuit happens how can I give you personal Info? The email I used to register is a junk email account, the personal one is the same just take out the word 'accounts' I sure would like to hear the news on this, please keep me up to date. Thanks, Greg n Theresa

GilliganW said...

I am filing a complaint with the BBB, if any would like to do the same use their Irvine, CA address that is their corp. headquarters. The BBB report on them 'shows' that they deal with complaints and problems but the few reviews written say something very different. I'm tired of getting ripped off by these 'Willy Loman' companies. Join the fight, PLEASE!

Ron said...

I filed Complaint at BBB also If we all do they will be forced to admit issue and help

Complaint Classification: Product Quality

Complaint Description - Posted 4/4/2008

They are doing nothing over a known issue DVI hasnt worked since day one Now monitor wont even turn on like last 1 that HSN replaced

Complaint Summary

They have a known issue with a What cost 500 when i purchased monitor FPD2185W Im on my second one they know about this issue and will do nothing
Resolution Sought

Replace my monitor for the 3rd time 1st time the company i bought it from shiped asap knowing there was issues said new warrenty went into affect gateway says no

Ron said...

Go here and file on them about Monitor being defective and or a inferior product

We can all force them to correct issue for all of us
There is a guy in houston making a bundle repairing these monitors 100.00 plus shipping

Anonymous said...



taylor07 said...

I purchased a FPD1975w a little over a year ago and when I turn my computer on I get a blank screen.

This is BS

Ivan said...
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Ivan said...

This issue should be presented to a law firm with the needed resources which specializes in such maters - obviously Gateway is trying to get away with selling expensive LCD monitors with defective capacitors and doing nothing about it.

The issue is very well documented - the problem is the use of capacitors with "pirated" electrolyte formula which causes the capacitors to fail within a short period of time (due to release of gas by the electrolyte during normal use).

I have a full set of FPD2185W defective caps on hand - they have been identified by the manufacturer as "defective" and yet Gateway refuses to do anything about it - unlike other manufacturers who were affected by this same problem (for example, motherboard manufacturers Soyo Group, Asus, Abit, MSI, DFI and Gigabyte among others).

Many manufacturers used voluntary warranty extension to fix or replace the defective units, some even offered to replace defective caps as a matter PREVENTION (i.e. even if they had not failed yet) and some offered refunds, exchanges and/or upgrades as an option as well.

When I confronted Gateway with this issue (it took a BBB complaint to do that) they stated that "they don't actually make the monitor; therefore it is not their problem". I am sure any reasonable person would disagree with such a naive excuse :)

Since we work with semi-conductors on a daily basis, I have some relevant documentation (and pictures) to support the above - I hope we can generate enough interest in filing a class-action suit against Gateway - should be easy and relatively cheap to build the case, given the existing precedents.


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Jack.Harvey said...

I've got the same problem with my FPD2185W. for the last year, it has been ocassionally locking up where the screen is blank and the blue button on and unresponsive. Once every month or so. It would do that when taking the PC out of sleep mode, and the simple fix was to unplug it and plug it back in. In the last month, it has been doing this every day, and finally gave out. I popped the PSU out, and sure enough 5 of 8 capacitors are swollen. I will replace all 8. I will post back here when I am done. You guys have really encouraged me, and I am glad I found this site, otheriwse $600 worth Gateway crap would be in the garbage. Well, hopefully it will work like new.

Totally in for the class-action suit.

(NOSPAM)Jack.Harvey@(NO SPAM)
Obvious text needs to be removed before contact.

Anonymous said...

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andrew said...

I fix these monitors for $100. E-mail me at Andrew @ Creative Audio . biz (of course take out the spaces)

Adam said...

I received a Dell 17" monitor as a gift about 4 years ago and that thing has been through everything. It's been on very consistently, it's been dropped, it's had stuff spilled on it... everything.

I got a FPD2185W a couple years ago and treated it like a trophy; I made sure nothing happened to this expensive piece of hardware. Well, a year later, I had a "bad pixel" problem. Being that it was still under warranty, I was able to exchange it for a new one.

But now it's been another 2 years and this one has gone down the crap chute as well - flickering LED and no response when plugging it in.

Jack.Harvey said...

Adam, the capacitors are coming in tomorrow. I will let you know how the fix goes right on here.


Adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adam said...

Thanks a bunch, Ryan.

By the way, I can be contacted at:

Jezebel said...

My FPD2185W just bit the same bullet yesterday after 15 months i will be looking into the capacitor problem. i'm in Ottawa Ontario Canada, if this capacitor replacement works i would be willing to help anyone close by

Eric said...

I had my 2185w moniter for 20 months, seems like I am the most lucky on here. it lasts 20 months for me. the power button is on but nothing happens when you press it like very one else here. Now, I am back on my 17'CRT and lost 700$. GG. I ve seen that the monitor is died between 1 year to 2 years for most ppl here. however, gateway only offers 1 year warrenty. It is a trap and it is cheating.

Jack.Harvey said...

Well, looks like I shouldn't of been so uptight about opening my wallet.
It'd been a year or two since I soldered anything, and I screwed up. Anyhow, now the PSU is trash and all I've got is a case and physical screen.

Well, when it came down to it, I was either going to pay someone half what I paid for the monitor, new($250) or I was going to spend $10 to either get lucky and get it right, or end up with something even more trash than before. Now I can't pay someone $500 to fix what I screwed up.

If you dont have experience with this stuff or a step-by-step video, I wouldn't recommend doing this yourself, unless you have plenty of free time.


James Martinez said...

FPD2185W. 'nuff said.

James Martinez said...

FPD2185W. 'nuff said.

If any legal action undergoes, email me through blogger.

Joshua said...

FPD2175W Same thing. Had my monitor now for about 24 months. Dim blur LCD, no picture. Count me in on the Lawsuit. I can be contacted at for any additional info. that might help.

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SedatedSquirrel said...

I too want something done about this. Mine died this morning finally after many problems of cutting on and off on its own in the past. I also went back to my bulky 15inch screen that is around 10 yrs old, which btw is still working unlike my almost 2 year old 21inch Widescreen $400.00 Gateway paperweight. I'm all for a lawsuit.

Jezebel said...

Hi all,

My father posted awhile ago about how he had the same problem. He has actually fixed his, and is willing to fix anyone's in the Ottawa (Canada) area for $50. Email me back and I will forward you to him.

Thanks & Good Luck!

JerryEl said...

Count me in on any class-action suit. Mine lasted about 24 months so I guess I got a better deal (groan) than most of you.

anty said...

I purchased Gateway FPD2185W flat screen monitor from Best Buy one year ago. It died exactly I use it one year. When pluged in the power cord it has power light on but no signals. It is bad. I loose my money and trust Gateway.

Russell.K said...

Hey, I bought a FPD2185W monitor a couple years ago. Ive always had problems with it, from a red line appearing without reason to the monitor not turning on until i unplugged it and plugged it back in. Now it's finally dead doing nothing but lighting the power button every time I plug it in.

Russ said...

Thank you Michael & Germel & everyone else for your help. I replaced the 5 470microfarad and 4 220microfarad caps on the FPD1960 and it works again. If your in the Metro Detroit area I can perform this repair for $60 onsite.


Russ said...



G Mail



bobbykey said...

I am in the same boat as all the other with the Gateway monitor. First started with turn on problems, then the flickering blue light, then no screen at all. After filing BBB complaint, they contacted me, could not offer ANY help, not even referal to authorized service center.

I have replaced all 8 caps, plus the caps on the inverter(?) board and now I can get the monitor (FPD2185W) turns on for about 1 second then goes black. The gateway logo does turn on fine where it didn't before.

I bought a used FPD2185W and swapped parts one at a time and have confirmed that the power supply board is at fault. So something else on the PSU board other than the group of 8 caps is still faulty. Has anyone found or made a schematic of the board? I have written down all the numbers on the board:
E94733 3
and it has stamped Lien Chang Co. on it. Sent email to them, no reply yet. I loved the monitor, now hate gateway. I am spreading the news to not purchase from them to everyone I know. Everyone should do the same. Too bad the company couldn't have at least given or sold replacement parts on a component that is less than 2 years old!

Gene said...

Got the same problem with a FPD1975W. Can;t really afford to buy a new one, so I'm gonna give it a shot in repairing it as some of you have already done.

Can anybody share a step-by-step instructions on how to do the repair (changing the capacitors). I'm a newbie, but am willing to give it a try. My email is

My wife's a bit apprehensive though about the safety of reparing the unit myself. Could it be a fire hazard?

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

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Shafotti said...

I've been having to unplug/replug to get a display for the past month. A nuisance but I could live with it. Last all know the rest by now. Consider me 1 of the 100 victims.

Shafotti said...

Well slap me bald and call me Kojak!! It works! The hardest part was disassembling the monitor. I've done some amature soldering before but never on a circuit board. I watched the youtube video that germel posted and that helped. It was easy. Thanks germel for the tips! I went to Radio Shack for the 470uf35v capacitors. Thanks to cracker for the tip but I gotta correct you on the part numer. It's 272-1030. I took pictures of the disassebling process. When I get a chance, I'll put together a narative with pics and post it here.

Still, I'd love to give Gateway some hell.

Garett and Mireya Smith said...

I bought a FPD2275W, 22 inch wide screen LCD moitor about one year and 4 months ago. Same problem as most other people, no power, no blue light. I called Gateway and they said there was absolutely nothing they could do about it. What am I to do? For now, I'll store it away and hope we get some sort of compensation in the future.

Tom said...

I have the same problem. Include me in a class action if you can. I'm near Toronto, Ontario.

I'll double check my Future Shop warranty (got the upgrade! :) and if the monitor is not included, I'm going to go ahead and the capacitator swap.

Best of luck to all those still trying!

Standtrue said...

I own a gateway fpd2185w and there is the famous blue power light but no screen how wonderful jeez i love a 500$ little blue light anyone have any ideas on what the hell i am to do please e-mail me

Standtrue said...

i own a gateway fpd2185w and the little blue power button works perfectly but theres nothing on the screen like it was not even turned on i am so glad i own a 500$ little blue light geez anyone have any fixes or help with this problem please feel free to e-mail me at

Standtrue said...

also count me in on the lawsuit

Jerry H said...

I was luckier than most, mine made it 2.5 years.

Same as the rest, bad capacitor, bad capacitor. I replaced all 8 thanks to michael@handsonrepair and cracker, now it works great. Radio Shack cap number is actually 272-1030, not 722-1030 but thanks for the help.

Sobo Flinks, you are a vulture at best. Maybe you should go feed on some Enron stockholders.

Timothy Chan said...

I ran into this same problem it seems. I'm trying to figure out how to open this thing up and fix it myself as well.

Timothy Chan said...

I got it open, but I yanked too hard and I ripped 2 of the cables out of their connecter heads. Any ideas on how to fix broken connecter heads?

judy said...

My Gateway monitor has totally gone out. It kind of went out slowly - meaning for a couple of weeks it would go black and I could power off and power back on and it would come on for awhile. Now it's completely dead. I've actually had it for about 18 months - guess I got more use out of it than most.

Daguan said...

Consider me part of this class action suit I bought my montior 1 year 1 month and 14 days ago and DEAD the blue light works just fine but but the screen doesnt come on. If anyone has any information on this lawsuit or some one I can talk to email me

Anonymous said...

I have a FPC2185W that started acting up just after the warranty ended. It started with the menu logo staying on screen for up to 1 minute instead of going away after a few seconds. Then the screen started flickering on an off. I suspect that it is just like all the rest...faulty capacitors. I fought with Gateway to no avail.

Matt said...

My 2185 just died this morning. A solid blue light, but nothing else, and a google search brought me to this site. 7 out of 8 of my capacitors are bulging at the tops. I'd replace them today, but everywhere I go, including Fry's and Radio Shacks, they are out of the 470uF 35v or 25v capacitors. Count me in for a lawsuit!

Frontrunner said...

Well I just became a victim to the monitor nightmare. I have 2 of these monitors a 21" FPD2185W and its little sister 19". I woke up this morning to the 19" looking like a strobe light. The screen is black but flashes light every 1 second. I had noticed the 21" doing the same as others have described having to unplug it every now and again. I'm sure my 21" wont last much longer. Please count me in on the lawsuit. Has anyone actually started what it takes to do this. I can be contacted at and the people trying to buy the monitors for $50 dollars please don't contact me I'm not interested in selling $1200 worth monitors for $100. Thanks and please keep me informed. We as consumers have to put a stop to company's doing what they want.

Alex said...

I have just become a victim of this FPD2185W monitor black screen issue. I have two of these monitors and the older one is working just fine. I have had them for around 2 years. I took apart the monitor and the power inverter capacitors seem to be fine but the board where the DVI, VGA and ypbr connections are has a bulging capacitor I just can't seem to find one to replace it. Count me in on the suit.

Zach said...

A friend of mine just had her FPD2185W quit on her and sure enough, her caps were begining to bulge and leak.

Replacement caps are on the way via Mouser and I'll update here when I've finished swapping them out.

Thanks for all the good info here guys.

tagfsx said...

Same problem as most of you with my 2 years old FPD2185W. (1) P6KE10A and (5) 470 uf 25v capacitors are blowed out.

Ready to get in the class action lawsuit o[-<

Thanks ric !

Alex said...

I just replaced the capacitor that was bulging from my monitor. Bought the capacitor from When I first plugged in the monitor it was fine for a couple minutes then went black for a second and then back to normal. It did this a couple times then I noticed that some of the colors looked a little strange so I hit the input button and cycled back to where it was before(DVI) and now it is acting fine. Not sure if the cap needed to warm up thats why the monitor acted strange.

Annette said...

I got my monitor January 2007 and it went dead last month. I was really upset. I did call gateway but was told my warranty was only for one year and they couldn't do anything about it. Please count me in on the lawsuit. I can be reached at

Alex said...

monitor went black after five hours will replace power/inverter board capacitors next.

Alex said...

I sent a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and was quickly called back from a gateway representative named Leslie. She said that she has not had many complaints come through her desk about this monitor. That they stand behind their product and are willing to help but I would have to pay for everything. Shipping alone to send would be between $70.00 and $100.00 from UPS. I would be willing to pay for an extended warranty because if it costs me around $80.00 to ship and whatever they charge to fix whats to say it does not break a month later. She said she can't offer a warranty. I think if enough complaints where sent to the BBB bringing this up to her attention something could happen in our favor.

JTaylor said...

I am also a victim of gateway. I bought my monitor and used it for somthing like 4 months. left for Iraq for 15 months. Got home and it died 4 months later on me. so I only got 8 months of use out of it before it stoped working. Same blue like on the power button as everyone else. count me in for a lawsuit or whatever we can do to get this fixed.

also if you could leave the BBB number on here maybe others will call when they read this.

Alex said...

Sorry about not leaving info about the BBB. Its actually a web site
only need to input information with * next to them.

Bennie said...

I recently figured out how to hook up my Xbox360 thru my 21" Gateway Hi Def flat screen monitor that i bought 15 months ago. Well, my problem is, my power button don't work, Input, auto, everything on the right side of the monitor except the Menu button. Called Customer service and i was told they needed a credit card number b4 i can talk to Tech Support or buy a new monitor bcoz it's out of warranty. The Hell with Gateway! Sign me up for the Class Action Suit!

Chris said...

Same problem my flat went out also

OSUBuckeyes71 said...

Same problem. Owned monitor approximately six months. Every tech says to buy a new monitor.

Chris said...

Same problem, dim flashing blue light, none of the inputs work. No help from gateway or Best Buy. Looking into trying to fix the cpacitors myself.

Anonymous said...

of course, over and over the problem is clear and it just struck me. i have had problem with my FPD2185W since i bought it. having to unplug it at least once a month to get it to start working again has just become part of the routine which is unfortunate. again unfortunately i don't have the computer expertise to fix it myself and currently don't have the money to get it repaired. if anyone could get in touch with me about a step by step fix or even a resolution in order to get it replaced that would be great! thank you so much!


Daniel said...

Yeah, I've had my monitor for a but more than a year and it's giving me the same problem. If there is something that can be done please let me know.

Kevin said...

FPD2185 - almost 2 years with no problems, now blue power light comes on for a couple seconds and then nothing. Will likely try replacing capacitors as some have suggested but disappointed this is such a common problem and no resolution from Gateway.

mjgecko said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MJGecko said...

Same old story as the rest. My Gateway FPD2185W wouldn't wake from standby. Found I could wake it by unplugging it and plugging it back in. Now I have it on a surge protector that I just turn on and off but I know that won't last long.

As I have no soldering skills, does anyone know the repair shop in Houston that fixes these? Since that's where I live, it would be better then shipping it somewhere.

DarkWader said...

Mfg. Jan. 2006
Bought 4/1/2006 - April fools
Died 7/4/2008 - Independence day

I guess I got better service than most but still not what you would expect for a $649.49.

Called Gateway same same...
Kind of feel sorry for the guy having to be the point of the arrow for a big company like that.

I was looking on line for a repair guide and there seems to be good info here on several problems so I will try to fix.

But, my desire to rail must be assuaged.

Friend of the Elves said...

Gateway FPD2185W
Same problem with monitor dying

Eric said...

Mine just failed 2 days ago, about to do the Cap replacement trick. It is terrible that manufacturers actually do not do a level of testing to satisfy a components quality meets and exceeds the manufacturer standards and or IEEE or ISO rules and regs. OK, MAYBE it met first round of testing. I know certain other vendors due outrageous product testing. It is reasonable to believe so do these. First off, I am all in for a lawsuit on this trash. In my opinion this is the light switch theory. This means, you hire an electrician to wire up the light bulb. Technically when the switch gets flipped on, the light works. However, when the next electrician comes to add a second light bulb or a fan, nothing is wired or connected correctly in terms of CODE, thus the second electrician is charged with wiring it correctly in order to make his original task function properly. Hence, technically the first one did work but was not wired correctly and got paid for a half @ss job. Moral of the story is, MAKE sure you know who the Electrician is and know his credentials and make sure they are accredited.. Manfac. Sept 06, that makes it 23 months to EOL. (Literally). ;( i love this monitor, wanted 2 of them pretty bad, now i am not sure..

I would be in for the lawsuit. 8-31-08

Eric said...

Hi all,
Confirmed and so far so good, Radio Shack Caps installed and functioning. I think it is important to note, possibly i am the only one experiencing this BUT, occasionally I have the color of the screen "twitch". It is hard to describe, from a normally white image will show/turn or appear to have a purple hue or dominant shade to it. like there is a problem with the video processor board. I did not replace it, but there are 3 CAPs on the video board that are also swollen. I did not replace them and now I wonder if I should have since they too look to be affected. Has anyone else seen this or had similar color changing issues? Unfortunately it is not a regular thing and it is hard to tell if something on my system is contributing to it. My experience with hardware says it is not. I would say that every other day I notice the flicker of colors.

Sparky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sparky said...

My Mom has the same symptoms. Blue led on but no power. I opened it up and found the caps were fine but D101 and D102 are burnt. Add me to the database. How many do we have so far? See the pic here.

Judy said...

I forgot to leave contact information - I definitely want in on a lawsuit.

paul said...

fpd2185w monitor 18 months old, no power, completely dead. Gateway replies S O L!


JAMMIN said...

Please ADD ME to any list for a class action lawsuit! I purchased 3 of these monitors and all 3 are un-usable just outside of warranty-same problem as many of the postings here.

Does anyone know where to get them repaired in the Irvine, California area?

My email:

dspears said...

hey all,

i am an IT Manager in Orlando, FL. we had one of our employees come to me with the same issue with his monitor. i fix motherboards with bad capacitors all the time so pretty much knew the symptoms.

i took it home, replaced all the capacitors and it came back up just fine.

if you would like for me to fix the issue for you, send me an email and I will charge you $80 for an hours worth of labor. Also, need to include shipping to and from. If you are in Orlando you can just drop off to me.


thedivalawyer said...

I am also a victim - purchased the 21 inch - HD monitor. Blue power light flickers off and on - then black screen. I also got shocked, and it is making crackling noises. Please let me know what we need to do to get a class action started. This is really bad bad business during hard financial times.

Chris said...

Hello Victims

I fixed my monitor by replacing a compacitor and it works again. If I only can get another year or so out of it I will be happy. Thank everyone for your time in this matter.


Shafotti said...

Hello all. I would love to give Gateway the big shaft but unfortunately, everybody that was able to fix the monitor has, and in my opinion, forgotten about the lawsuit. I'm one of them. I was pissed off but when I found out how to fix it, I did and moved on. I know this doesn't help those who are still stuck but truthfully, I'm not going to worry about it. It's not my problem. Everyone who has fixed their monitor has thought the same thing. I'm the one who finally said it. I mean no disrespect. I say this with the utmost contempt for Gateway. But it's time to help ourselves. If you're in the Orlando area, I can help. I believe that's now two of us that have been successful in the Orlando area.

On a related note, I wouldn't be surprised if a Gateway representative posted a 'fix' comment here. Ya know, to avoid recall procedures?

My posts here show the procedure I followed to fix it. Others have followed other people's post and fixed it. There is plenty of information here to get the job done. It's not as hard as it may seem. Seriously, what do you have to lose? A broken monitor?

NYMaddie said...

Count me in on a class action suit as well. This is ridiculous! I have 19" wide screen Gateway monitor (FPD1975W), which I purchased from Best Buy. It died after 18 months--no power at all. Expensive monitors should not be disposable!!!

Tim said...

How about pressure on the big box retailers who peddle this junk.

tpmeyer said...

I just want to thank the people on this blog who posted how to replace the capacitors in this monitor.
Like almost everyone else who posted here, I purchased ($500.00) the Gateway F (Friggin) P (Piece) D (of Dung!) 2185W, 21" HD monitor around 18 months ago. Three months after purchase, the power button stopped working. I figured that it was a problem with the computer going into sleep mode and not restarting the monitor once the computer "woke up". Unplugging the power cord and replugging it solved this issue. Thirteen months after purchase-dead! Called Gateway-out of warranty-no help! They told me to call the place of purchase-out of warranty-out of luck.
Fuming, I set the Gateway aside and hooked up my 12 year old CRT monitor. One night last month I started to research the number of complaints about this monitor, and found this site. After reading the posts on this site, I took the monitor apart, found the blown capacitors and removed them from the circuit board. I then went to Radio Shack and bought a soldering iron and eight capacitors, and soldered them in place of the blown capacitors. I figured that I had nothing to lose, the monitor was busted already!
I had never done this kind of thing before, but after reading the detailed posts on this board and watching the recommended YouTube video on how to solder on to a circuit board, I decided to try it. Long story short, after about an hour of work and an $18 investment, the monitor is now working fine. It was not as difficult as I thought it would be to repair, and it ended up being quite a bit cheaper than a replacement or a repair ($200.00 with s/h!) I am happy that I didn't have to spend another $500.00 on a new monitor, and lord knows that I will never buy another Gateway (or Acer-who now owns Gateway) product again! Their cheap parts, lousy warranty, and lousy service, have directed my future purchase dollars elsewhere.

craig said...

replaced the caps as stated. unit powered up and worked! but problems soon came up. after about a minute the screen started to flicker and then went blank. turned off and on with button. unit came on for a few seconds started flickering then went out after a minute. any ideas?

J K Kool said...

Well $%^&* Mine just died. 2 years old. Purchased at Costco. Maybe I will stop by Costco and see what they say.
I will pick up the parts 272-1030 tomorrow. Sign me up for the class action. Baby! I want part of that $700 billion. Haha! I think George Bush is also the President of Gateway or maybe one of his old friends.

Speedpc said...

I purchased 4 of these in late 2006 only 1 works now, Gateway does nothing to help sign me up. this is simply unexceptable.

Isaac said...

Count me in, too. Complained to Gateway, filed complaint with NY BBB. Gateway denied everything despite the many links I gave them to folks suffering the same problem.

Chris Deaton said...

Count me in too... I have 3 of these. One just died, a second requires you to pull the power cable out off and on. If anyone knows some place cheap that I can get this repaired in Phoenix please let me know!!!

Frater Vito said...

Three years of having to plug and unplug to get things going again the faint blue power button appeared.

I'm glad I found this site with directions on how to get things going again. Once I get back to the monitor I'll give everything a try.

liguefederale said...

I also own a Gateway FPD2185W flat screen monitor. One week after the end of the warranty, the blue light was flashing on and off. Will never buy Gateway anymore.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
H said...

Yup... I'm on board with the rest of you. My FPD2185W has failed too.

My monitor gave no warning... it just shut off while I was using it. I was able to revive it after unplugging everything (power, all cables, etc...) It would work again for several hours and then shut off again.

I did the capacitor repair as some have suggested (replaced all 14 capacitors on the inverter).

The monitor came back on and didn't give any problems for about 2 days and then it started going off again, except this time I can't get it to come back on more than a few seconds.

As many of you have said - I paid over $500 for this monitor and to have it go out so relatively soon is unacceptable. I have 25+ year TV's that are still working good!

I realize nothing lasts forever, but it's obvious there is a clear manufacturer defect with this monitor (more likely the inverter).

It isn't an isolated incident. A lot of us are a victim of this.

I'm on board with a class-action suit. They can't get away with this.


MJGecko said...

So, is anything being done about the class action lawsuit?

How do we go about getting this going?

kaspyfan said...

Looks like they ripped me off as well. I've had it for 2 years with no problems until now . Monitor does the same

thing everyone has complained about black screen with the infamous blue light which does not respond when pushed.

When I called tech support the customer service rep told me this was a software problem with vista and to download

the latest service pack. Apparently I was lied to. Luckily i stumbled unto this site while researching. Add me to

your class action suit. fpd2185w 21 inch

Gerald said...

I with ric ricland I am a victim with the same monitor

Gerald said...

I with ric ricland I am a victim with the same monitor

D. Major said...

Mine just died. almost exactly after 2 years of owning it. blue light, dim no power. This was preceeded by freezing of monitor software frequently.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Isaac said...

It took me a while to figure out, but ultimately replacing all eight caps did the trick. Just don't try to desolder with an under-powered iron. I tried with my Cold Heat -- had no luck. Bought a 15-watt iron from Radio Shack -- it just made a mess. Finally got a 40-watt RS iron -- I was done in 40 minutes.

Have never worked on a PCB before. The first two pads looked like hell after I got through, but the rest came out nice and clean.

Gateway bastards! They know somebody sold them a warehouse full of bad caps and they just won't do the right thing.

craigcapello said...

Wow, I can not believe how better I feel knowing I am not alone.

I bought a Gateway FPD2485W November 2007. Guess what? Its shot!

Until reading thru this blog I had no idea how long this monitor was on the fritz. I thought it was my pc not waking up from sleep mode. Everytime I come back to my setup after about an hour and the pc goes in to sleep, I could not get the monitor to wake up. I had no idea it was about to fail. Only way I wake the monitor was to unplug the power and replug in or cycle thru the touch power button many times til it came back on.

Then over the weekend, it came back on with the gateway logo then POW, eveything went off like I pulled out the power cord or flipped a breaker. Of course I had not done either. The monitor will not come on, the touch buttons do not light up, and its like the monitor is not plugged in to the outlet but it is.

So reading the posts here, I am looking to replace the capacitors. But I can not figure out how to get the back of the monitor off. I tried the three screws. Reminds me of opening a macmini, but I can figure out where to pry open to release the clips.

Help is greatly appreciated or service manual or pictures. Or heck, if you live in Massachusetts I'll pay you to fix it.

Jeremy said...

I have just become a gateway quality victim woke up yesterday and my 21 inch flat screen was just dead i really wanna get in on this action against them. I can be reached at thank you lets get them...

wildmanmoon said...

My Gateway 19" FPD1960 TFT LCD monitor suddenly went completely dead on me recently. I went to the Gateway website and a technician e-mailed me on things I could try to get it working such as: Plugging into a different outlet, using a different power cord, disconnecting it from the computer but leaving it plugged into the outlet and holding the power on button for one minute. Nothing brought it back to life. I'm not handy so I'll probably give some repair shop a shot at it. I hope you can get the class action suit rolling. Count me in. I used to think Gateway put out a good product. Silly me.

---Frank Mooney

Jose said...

Same thing happened to my 19" WideScreen FPD1975W. Died after 13 months. I'm in.

Jose said...

Same thing happened to my 19" WideScreen FPD1975W. Died after 13 months. I'm in.

Trent said...

Count me in on the lawsuit as well. FPD1975W died after 13 months. Going to buy the capacitors tomorrow.

germel said...

Although replacing the caps as I detailed above got me another 8 months of use, this weekend the monitor display went blank. When I'd unplug the VGA cable and plug back in I'd get a display for about 2 seconds, then blank again. Again, I called Gateway and they wanted nothing to do with helping me. I took the monitor apart again to see what might be up, but everything looked ok, so I dropped it into the garbage tonight. That is the first and last Gateway product I'll ever buy. I see has a 22" Acer monitor with a 5 star rating for $150 and free shipping...looks like I'll take that route.

PhxGuy520 said...

I have two Gateway monitors one is a 2185W that I have had for about 2 years. It works, but will turn off at weird times. The other is a 1975 W that I actually bought after the 2185. It lasted maybe a year and after turning it self off wont turn back on. For some reason if I leave it off for a while it will turn on for a couple hours, but now its been off for days and wont turn back on. If anyone ever takes them to court PLEASE let me know.

alexios04 said...

I bought the gateway 24 inch Swivel Monitor when it first came out in dec.2005 the swivel stopped working after 1 week so I exchanged it for another monitor after 30 days the swivel stopped working again so I just said forget since that wasn't the reason why I bought it. I would have problems here and there where it would go in sleep mode and would get stuck where you had to unplug the power for it to work again but today it totally went out only the blue light stays on and it flickers the gateway logo a little but very faint until it just becomes a black screen. I called gateway and they say they can't do anything and they try to make you pay more money for tech support where clearly they can't do anything from the phone. Let's get this lawsuit going please. They are made in china when gateway is suppose to be american because they want to lower their costs to make the monitor but they got screwed because everything made thier is cheap and faulty that's probably why gateway is going bankrupt.

thedivalawyer said...

SOLUTION- GATEWAY FIXED MY MONITOR. I posted a complaint with The Better Business Bureau, online. Within a few days I heard from Leslie . She worked feverishly to assist in the repair,shipment and return of my monitor. I was given the same crap about my monitor being out of warranty. But I cited this website and told them that Gateway is clearly on notice that it has a defective product - it breaks at the exact same moment for all of us, with the same part - and I want it repaired or a larger model for free. I also let them know I got a mild shock from that defective product they set free on us, the naive consumer. I am looking at my lovely, 21" FPD2185W which, knock on old, huge redwood trees -is working marvelously. Here is Leslie's contact info. - since it is her duty to address these issues for Gateway:
Thank you,
Leslie Surovik
Executive Response Specialist

Now get your super expensive sadly defective monitors FIXED by the maker. Best of Luck, thank you for this blog

thedivalawyer said...

p.s. I have permission to forward you consumers to Gatewey/Acer - Leslie, Executive Response team. That does NOT mean your monitors have the same problem, which Gateway repaired for me - but it worth your contacting Leslie, to see if there can me a resolution for you.
Best of luck and Happy New Year to all.

Caveat: I write this in my PERSONAL- not professional capacity. And I make no guarantees that our problem is the same, or your computer will be repaired.

Gerald said...

I will call leslie and if I cont get a new replacement I will contact a layer and have place there number on this blog so you can add your name on the list to file a case

Kia said...

Add me to the list of people who bought an FPD2185W and had it fail in the SAME EXACT WAY as everyone else. Clearly it's "capacitor plague."

I am VERY unhappy with Gateway and will never, ever, ever buy another Gateway (OR SAMSUNG, since that's the actual manufacturer of the monitor) product again.

I'd love to join a class action lawsuit against Gateway.

As for my monitor, I really don't trust Gateway to fix it with capacitors that aren't defective again. At this point, I would fully expect Gateway to replace the capacitors with the very same defective ones, thereby extending the life of the monitor for a little while longer until the same thing happens again.

With that said, I'll just have to become an expert solderer and capacitor replacer, and do it myself, with high-quality parts.

Shame on Gateway -- I am disgusted with your company's policies on dealing with customers who have a legitimate claim. You've lost a customer...for life!

Kia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kia said...

If anyone is serious about/has started a class-action lawsuit, let me know!

kiahlin (aT)

CC said...

Another victim. FPD2185W just started flickering and the screen goes black. Have had the system for 2 years. What's the victim count at these days.

Rob H. said...

I called the Executive Response team at Gateway and was screened from talking to Leslie Surovik. The person I spoke with told me that 166 people complaining was only a small percentage of the items sold, so that didn’t warrant any response from them. He tried to direct me to the technical support team which I said would only result in them trying to charge me to repair the out of warranty monitor. I am really hoping somebody will step up and file a class action suit, because this is ridiculous! On top of my Gateway monitor going out, my motherboard on my GT5032 Gateway computer went out, which apparently is common for this computer (which I PAID $800.00 for!!!!). I am going to call a lawyer today because now in addition to being out $600 for the overpriced piece of crap monitor, I’m out another $500 or so for my computer since I had to buy a whole new motherboard, sell my CPU and other parts that were still working, and buy a new processor and motherboard. Plus I’m sitting on the floor with my computer since I have to use my Big screen (thankfully not a Gateway). Anyway, email me at rob8od at hotmail if there is any info!!

Vinny said...

Michael (Grand Prairie, TX) is a hero on this subject...Jan 4, 2008 / Jan 7, 2008...
I found 4 bubbled capacitors (3 * 470uf and 1 * 220uf)[$1.29 each at Radio Shack] After only having a blue power light and no screen I replaced the capacitors only and am up and running. Thank you all!. The internet info age is fantastic!

Michael said...

Im in.

Gateway FPD2275W: Manufacture date of Jan2007, Purchased Feb2007, dead Jan2008, and a happy new year!

Moved my mouse to wake my monitor up. Saw my desktop one second then all went DARK! Holding a flashlight to the screen it is clear that my FPD2275W Backlight went dead as I can see the shapes of windows and my moviing mouse cursor on the now "FPD2275W black screen of death issue".
Disassembly is impossible without knowing where the secret clips are located. Attempting to do so will really chew up your monitor bezel and should only be attempted if you have no repair man willing to service it.
Obviosuly this is a known issue to Gateway they feel they covered there asses with there 90day warranty. Never by gateway monitors again! Spending 300 a year for an LCD is stupid.

PS: Finding this Blog is really hard! You need to put some better keywords.

FPD2275W dead, FPD2275W black screen, FPD2275W repair, FPD2275W Disassembly, FPD2275W Manual, FPD2275W service, FPD2275W warranty, FPD2275W class action lawsuit, FPD2275W review, FPD2275W vs. , FPD2275W refurbished

Michael said...

I have filed the following BBB complaint:

1. Gateway Computers has removed any mechanism to track LCD Monitor failures after 1year.
2. Gateway Computers goes out of its way to remove Monitor Serial numbers from their support website that exceed 1year preventing a paper trail. Error Message "Sorry, we are unable to find associated information for the serial number entered"....

Resolution Sought:
1. Extend Warranty an additional 1-2 years (3 years total for tracking).
2. Change policy to track defective equipment for a period no less than 5years (Warranty or not).
3. Train customer service representatives to TRACK out of warranty complaints.
Date Problem Started: 01/05/2009
Date of Transaction: 02/05/2008
Amount in Dispute: $319.99
Invoice Number: FPD2275W
Complaint Type: Product Quality
Product or Service: The FPD2275W is a 24" Wide screen HDTV display that lasts 1year?

Anonymous said...

For people in the UK that are having this problem you have a law that protects you from being sold dodgy goods.... It's called the 'Sale Of Goods Act (1979) and covers you for 5 years on electrical products. The monitor wasn't fit for purpose at the point of sale so... all you need to do... is.... threaten the store that sold it to you with the above act and they will eventually jump through hoops to help you:) I'm collecting a new monitor tomorrow from Staples but it took a bit of work to eventually get them to cough up! Good luck and if you need any advice then please feel free to drop me a line!

Michael said...

FPD2275W Disassembled.
Since my monitor is a year old, and (According to Gateway) "OUT OF WARRANTY", and my Borther in law is a licensed electrician, I went on a bad capacitor hunt .

1. Removed Stand (2 Screws)

2. Removed screws along base and VESA screws on back. (7 screws.)

3. Removed front bezel! This is the hard part as it requires some finger strength to pull the side flaps out just enough to where you hear a click-click-click as you slide your fingers down to base working your way down and up until you freed one side, repeat on the other and the front will swing up and off. Take care with the touch pad ribbon cable as its pretty thin. The ribbon removes easily and snaps back in place when re-assembling.

4. Removed LCD mount ( 4 screws)

5. Lay a towel down and flip monitor onto it. The Back should come off now.

6. TAKE A PICTURE OF ALL THE WIRING! The Black,Pink,Blue wiring especially as its in a funny order that must be repeated should you disconnect them.

7. To many screws to list were removed to get the power supply exposed and the board exposed to where we could examine it.

8. SURE ENOUGH! A Bad 1000uF 24v Capacitor! It was visibly bowed on top.

8. Drive to Radio Shack and bought a replacement 1000uF 34v Capacitor (Higher voltage is fine, it just means it can handle higher voltage.), Price $1.50US

9. Removed Bad Capacitor

10. Replaced with Good Capacitor.

11. Re-Assembled.

12. Bill Gateway for 2 hours labor and 1.50 cent part. $161.50

Dave said...

Hey Gary, what's the best way to contact you.
I have a FPD1960 TFT from Staples, managed to get 2.5years out of it. lately I have had to turn it on and off repeatedly for the pic to eventually stay (and not fade to blank before going black :o/ )
Anyway had enough of it today and phone Staples but got no where as i am past the 12 months warranty...
Interesting to read yours is from Staples and you got a result from them.
I don't know how to contact you to see how you have gone about things with them but my email is, I'd like to get a replacement myself!


The Sharp Family said...

I too have a monitor that is a year and a half old. DEAD. My father in law bought the computer for his business and bought one too many so he gave it to us about a year ago. It was practically brand new when he gave it to us. Now it turns on for one second and then nothing. Things just don't last like they used to. It's a shame.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I took myself off to Staples, armed with my 2007 receipt of purchase for £299.99, and within minutes I was walkin' out with a 22in. Samsung valued at £189.99 and £110 in cash! The good man behind the counter didn't even look in the returned box! Suffice to say, the returned and out of warranty monitor was in the box but.... as I'd attempted.... with my clumsy fat fingers..... to replace the faulty capacitors... there was a few missing pieces:) However... it's fair to say that there's much more solder on the board than it originally shipped with so hopefully they'll take that as compensation! I've been a good customer of Staples and I'll continue to shop with them but Gateway (aka Acer) would have to suck my big fat one before I'd ever consider giving them my money again!

Anonymous said...

Good luck you all! Hope you manage to get some resolve! The guy that emailed me for my number.... I emailed it to you. And for those in the UK - remember - the law is on your side! The product was fitted with components that were wholly unsuitable for the job it was being sold to you for.... The Sale Of Goods Act (1979) protects you for this very purpose! All your big retailers are aware of this and the evidence on the internet (including this blog) would help you argue the case successfully should it ever need to go to court! The big retailers also know this:) You just have to let them know:) Ciao for now x

kpdillon said...

My gateway FPD2185W just died the other day. I was surprised it died so early. I bought it from Best Buy (no extended Warranty) sometime in 2007. Suffice to say, I called Gateway, they don't care and will not help. I am glad I came across this Blog. Gateway has lost my business for life.


jefbal99 said...

Buddy gave me a call with an LCD issue. It turns on and shows the Gateway logo, then goes black. The menu screens don't show up when the buttons are pushed. I tried DVI and VGA, a menu reset. I would get a flash of a screen for 3-4 seconds then black.

I started searching the web and came across this great blog. He has the Gateway FPD2275W. I torn the monitor apart and found a single 1000uf 25v capacitor that was bubbled. I have a good buddy who is great at soldering, so I will be picking up a replacement today and getting it fixed. I'm debating replacing the the 470uf 35v and 680uf 25v (3 each) capacitors as well. Many people have reported issues with them also.

We'll see what Radio Shack has when I stop by.

Thanks for the great work here.

brian said...

some photos of my process

Michael said...

Thanks for the pictures, it will really help ALOT of gateway LCD owners repair what Gateway refuses to...


Company's Response

Company's Initial Response - Posted 01/20/2009
This is in response to a complaint that was filed with your office by our customer, Michael *********. The complaint states that Mr. *********'s monitor failed after the warranty had expired. I've attempted to contact Mr. ********* to inform him that Gateway does not service any monitors that are out of warranty. Gateway sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience that Mr.******* may have experienced.
Initial Response Summary
monitor is out of warranty Gateway does not service out of warranty monitor.

Consumer's Rebuttal

Consumer's Rebuttal - Posted 01/22/2009
My BBB complaint is not for service, it is for negligence on the part of gateway by removing the ability to track failures out of warranty. We the consumers had to help each other in the form of a blog and comparing our symptoms. We became electricians, in order to troubleshot your monitors, and discovered a common flaw in all of them. If gateway tracked their LCD monitors failures beyond one year they would see that many were assembled with cheap capacitors that bubble, pop, and/or catch fire under 24/7 use going in and out of sleep mode. Putting an arbitrary expiration date on a piece of hardware should never remove a companies responsibility to track failures. I believe the power supplies utilizing these cheap capacitors are dangerous and the monitors should be recalled.

Judy said...

I need more help. My monitor is the FPD2185W. We took it apart and replaced the capicitors. Carefully, put it back together. It ran for about an hour and then quit again. Anyone have any ideas on what I may need to check???

Judy Handley

Michael said...

If your power supply caught on fire like Brian you may be looking at the board itself. Most likely your issue is another capacitor that got damaged in the initial failure and is now dead. Make sure you replace the defective capacitor(s) with something with the Same pico rating (u) but a higher voltage rating. I don't know why but Gateway is overpowering their capacitors beyond their safe limits. I sure hope the buyers got a big fat kickback for saving their company 25 cents a monitor! To bad their Monitors are bombs waiting to go off now.

brian said...

makes you not want to sleep mode your monitor!

Richard said...

My gateway is 3 years old but has the same problem. Screen is black but power on button always blue. Even when i unplug it and replug it in the blue light goes on without pressing it.

Richard said...

I have a 3 year old gateway with the same monitor. No picture. The power light stays blue all the time. It i unplug and plug in the monitor the power light stays blue.

Michael said...

You'll need to crack it open to be sure but it sounds like bad capacitors. Your power supply doesn't have enough juice to power your back-light anymore. Your not going to get them to fix it, but you can File your complaint with the BBB on how gateway support goes out of its way to avoid out of warranty discussions even though their negligence is the cause of it going out of warranty.

BBB Complaint Link:

brian said...

for all those interested in reading...I found this on my circuit board, and since I have some great scorch marks I've sent in the photos to these guys, from what I can tell they are the makers of the board for Samsung, who as I understand it produces it for gateway. I have also located a source for capacitors if you don't have them, give me a jingle. also make sure you are putting the capacitors in at the correct polarity. on the caps themselves they will have a grey band on this band they generally have a negative sign. which on a circuit board reads negative like -) this sign is the negative and the t style is the positive on the board. of course do your research you don't want to get shocked and radio shack also sells a little item to help the caps not heat up. its called a soldering heat sink tool runs about 2 bucks.
other questions follow me up at

Jay said...

I purchased a Gateway XHD3000 monitor on 1/13/08 and on 2/1/09 it started flickering. I called Gateway and they determined the Monitor was defective and suggested to get it repaired at Bestbuy. I dragged the monitor all the way to Bestbuy just to be informed they cannot return the monitor for repairs per Gateway's instructions. I called Bestbuy customer relations to get help but got none. I had to drag the monitor back home and when I called Gateway again they said they cannot repair my monitor. I was pissed and told them I would never by another Gateway product again and would not recommend them to anyone.

Jud M. said...

Just had my phone call from Phillip at Gateway per my BBB complaint.

His response:

The Gateway engineers know of no problems with the FPD2185W despite the (and I quote) "millions and millions of monitors they have sold."
You monitor is out of warranty and therefore nothing can be done.

He even said he knew about this blog....I used to be a loyal gateway customer, but not anymore.

Michael said...

You've done all you can Jud. We need to get the word out that these Monitors need to be recalled for public safety. Gateway's LCD Power supplies are ticking time bombs waiting to go off. We've explained the issue, They are aware and believe once there 1year warranty is up, they are no longer liable for damages. All their monitors need is to fail on a blistering hot day in order to burn through the plastic case and set someones house on fire.

cbuckmister said...

Wow! This happened to me about 6 months ago and I have had the monitor in my closet since then. Out of warranty, of course. I have a week off from work so I was going to see if I could take a stab at fixing this. I had no idea the problem was so widespread. I called Gateway and they refused to talk about the problem since it was out of warranty. Didn't offer repair services, either. Just told me to go find a TV repair place since "they are pretty much the same thing" Hopefully they decide to acknowledge this problem and recall the monitor. If there are this many people posting here with the problem, there have to be many more out there with the same problem who havent posted.
Sorry for the rambling post.:-)

cbuckmister said...

By the way, sign me up.

Chris Buckmister


brian said...

I found this link but non of them are usa distributers!

cbuckmister said...

I just did the 8 capacitor replacement and I am now using the FPD2185W to leave this comment.
I shouldn't have had to do this, though.
FYI, I hadn't touched a soldering iron in over 15 years and I had success with very little effort. The worst part was getting the board out of the monitor housing!

Good luck!

tfigel said...

I bought two Gateway FPD2185w's

One died in less than a year, and was replaced by gateway.
Both have since died.
It is the same symptoms others reported. Monitor's blue light goes on, but will not display from either VGA input or DVI....
In addition, the side buttons will not work.

Anonymous said...

Another victiom. Purchased two HD monitors (24" and 30") back in December 2007, along with a top-end (yeah right!) desktop. Had countless problems with the desktop and now the 24" monitor has simply failed. Gateway said it's out of warranty, send it back and for $449 (more than a new one costs) we'll repair it. Will never buy Gateway again and agree that a class action suit is the only remedy, sign me up.

Jud M. said...

BTW, thanks Brian for all your work...I just ordered a new Samsung monitor and am going to attempt to fix the Gateway...I appreciate the pics and the step by step instructions!

William said...

For several years all electrolytic caps made in China were prone to early failure. Gateway is not to blame for the problem, they should be blamed for their lack of support.

At least one eBay store will repair the power supply for $30-$35 plus shipping. If you have the skills to remove the supply, but lack soldering skills this may be an option. (The will also accept the complete monitor, but shipping will be higher).

I do not recommend using Radio Shack parts. The power supply requires high temperature (105 degree C) caps. Appropriate caps are available very reasonably through Amazon (search for '470uf 25V'), and shipping is also reasonable. An alternate source is Digi-Key. It is a little harder to identify the correct part, but their shipping appears to be cheaper and faster.

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